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Car Insurance Companies in Los Angeles | Complete Guide

Car Insurance Companies in Los Angeles : You most likely depend on your car to get around if you reside in Los Angeles, but because vehicle insurance is so expensive, you could be shopping around for a better deal. Drivers in Los Angeles pay an average yearly premium of $3,649 for full coverage, or $304 per month, and an average of $922 for minimum coverage, or $77 per month, according to research done by Bankrate.

In order to help people get the best car insurance in California that fits your budget, Bankrate compared providers with above-average AM The lowest auto insurance premiums in Los Angeles, the highest bankrate scores, the best financial strength ratings, and high rankings in J.D. Power’s 2023 U.S. Auto Insurance Study.

Cheapest car insurance companies in Los Angeles

Los Angeles provides a number of excellent choices if you’re searching for affordable auto insurance in California. Our data indicates that the cost of full coverage auto insurance in Los Angeles is 58% more than the $2,278 national average and 44% higher than the average cost of limited coverage insurance in the country. For drivers in Los Angeles searching for the finest insurance offer, listed below are the top five least expensive auto insurance providers.

How much is car insurance in Los Angeles, California?

In Los Angeles, the average annual premium for full coverage auto insurance is $3,649, while the average annual premium for limited coverage is $922. Drivers’ auto insurance prices differ for a variety of location-based reasons, including weather and traffic density. In California, the average annual premium for full coverage auto insurance is $2,573, while the average annual premium for limited coverage is $638. Aside from geography, other rating variables that have a big impact on premiums include age and driving history.

Los Angeles rates for teens

Most states use age as a rating criterion for insurance, and because young drivers typically have less driving experience, they are typically categorized as high-risk. Over time, drivers develop the ability to adapt to hazardous driving situations and steer clear of potential hazards. Statistics on teen driving also show that teenage drivers frequently speed and don’t buckle up, which raises the possibility of fatal automobile crashes. On the other hand, teenagers who choose to stay on their parents’ auto insurance policy rather than immediately obtaining their own can typically save a substantial sum of money.

Los Angeles rates for young drivers

It’s not necessary for young drivers in Los Angeles to always pay exorbitant insurance premiums. As they obtain more driving experience, their premium will go down if they keep up a clean driving record. Adult children who move out from under their parents’ roof are required to get their own auto insurance. If young drivers can continue their driving education and take advantage of good student discounts, their car insurance premiums can still be reasonable.

Los Angeles rates for adults

Drivers over 25 who have a clean driving record are usually placed in a standard or preferred risk pool, where age has less of an effect on premiums. Statistics from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) show that adult collision death rates are generally stable. Although credit score and gender cannot be used to assess insurance in California, other variables including geography, coverage limitations, and loss history can cause premiums to differ dramatically between insurers and policyholders.

Los Angeles rates for senior drivers

Around the age of 70, rates for drivers begin to rise once more. Older drivers typically have a higher chance of accidents, which results in a minor increase in their auto insurance premium. Given that a large number of seniors are self-employed, they might want to look for insurance from companies that provide senior defensive driving discounts or more reasonable premiums for senior drivers.

cheapest car insurance in Los Angeles by driving record

Keeping a spotless driving record is the greatest method to acquire cheap auto insurance in Los Angeles, but despite our best efforts, accidents still happen. When at-fault accidents and moving infractions occur, insurance companies have the ability to raise your premium by adding a multi-year surcharge to your policy. The editorial staff at Bankrate is aware that every dollar matters, and they are here to assist you in locating the most affordable Los Angeles auto insurance for a range of driving histories.

Car insurance with a speeding ticket in Los Angeles

In California, receiving a speeding ticket can result in higher auto insurance premiums and significant fines. Depending on the circumstances, the fine for a speeding ticket might be anywhere from $35 to $1,000. After getting a speeding ticket, drivers in Los Angeles pay an average of $5,025 for full coverage auto insurance year, which is 80% higher than the state average.

Car insurance after an accident in Los Angeles

Driving in Los Angeles is notoriously difficult due to the heavy traffic, even if speeding and distracted driving are the main causes of collisions. After an at-fault collision, drivers in Los Angeles pay $6,071 for full coverage auto insurance year. This is 25% below the average for the state following an accident.

Car insurance after a DUI in Los Angeles

DUI drivers may have trouble getting auto insurance because not all companies will underwrite such unsafe driving practices. Drivers with DUI convictions frequently have their licenses suspended and must file an SR-22 application in order to have their licenses restored. The average cost of full coverage auto insurance in Los Angeles following a DUI offense is $8,793, which is 34% more expensive than the state average.


Bankrate analyzes the most recent rates for all ZIP codes and carriers in all 50 states as well as Washington, D.C. in July 2024 using Quadrant Information Services. Each geographic region’s population density determines how rates are weighted. The following complete coverage limits and a single, 40-year-old male and female driver with a spotless driving record and excellent credit are used to calculate quoted rates:

  • Liability for bodily harm up to $100,000 per person
  • $300,000 responsibility for bodily harm per incident
  • $50,000 responsibility for property damage for each incident
  • $100,000 for each individual in uninsured motorist bodily injury
  • $300,000 in bodily harm per accident for uninsured drivers
  • $500 is the collision deductible.
  • $500 for the entire deductible

Bankrate used minimum coverage that complies with state regulations to calculate minimum coverage limitations. Our base profile drivers drive 12,000 miles a year, commute five days a week, and possess a 2022 Toyota Camry.

These are sample rates and should only be used for comparative purposes.

incidences: The following incidences were considered when calculating rates: a clean record (base), one speeding ticket, one DUI conviction, and an at-fault accident.

Age: Rates were determined by applying the 40-year base (ages 20–70) to our base profile. Drivers may be homeowners or tenants, depending on their age. Due to state laws, Massachusetts and Hawaii do not consider age when rating a property.

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