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Pak Navy Short Service Commission B-2024 | Apply now at joinpaknavy.gov.pk

Pak Navy Short Service Commission: Use the Short Service Commission Course 2024-B to register for a position in the Pakistan Navy. Applications from suitably motivated, adequately focused, and competent individuals are being accepted for these officer posts in the various branches of the Pakistan Navy. The details are provided below.

Applications are being accepted for these New Government Jobs in Islamabad from candidates of both genders. If they are hired, they will be able to benefit from these Newest Jobs in Pakistan 2024 once the hiring procedure is completely finished.

The Pakistan Navy is inviting those who fit the qualifications and are willing, brave, competent, and knowledgeable to join the force through the Short Service Commission Course 2022-B. Operations (Aviation & SSG (N)), Mechanical Engineering (Surface, Aviation), Supply (Surface), Weapon Engineering (Surface, Aviation), Ordnance, Medical Branches (GDMOs, Anesthesia Including Cardiac Anesthesia, Cardiologist, Paediatric Cardiology, General Medicine, Endocrinology, Oncology, Emergency Medicine as ER Specialist, Ophthalmology, General Surgery, Neuro Surgeon, Cardiac Surgery, Plastic Surgeon), Education (English, Physics, Maths, Pakistan Studies, IT/Computer Sciences, Islamic Studies, Management Sciences (Finance), Chemistry), Naval Law, Special (Information)

As a result, you can choose to enroll in a range of courses and give your best in applying and serving your abilities. Candidates of any gender are welcome to apply for these government job branches as long as they fulfill the prerequisites specified in the demand sectors. Therefore, you must act immediately and apply for a post in this respectable military force if you satisfy the qualifications. With our increased knowledge, let’s proceed to the next specifics, which are mentioned under the relevant topic below.

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All of the necessary papers and actions will be covered in the section that follows. An overview of the organization, official contact information, office address, eligibility requirements, and other pertinent data are included.

Details of Pak Navy Short Service Commission Jobs

Details Pak Navy Short Service Commission B-2024 Jobs

Eligibility Conditions

There are few Requirements you must need to Acknowledge before Applying for Pak Navy Short Service Commission Jobs.

  • Pakistani men who are citizens
  • Age: (As of the first day of the month the admission exam is conducted)
  • Candidates for Civilian Status: 16 ½ to 21 years o
  • Candidates for Service Status: 17 to 23 years (Persons serving in Armed Forces in uniform)
  • Marital Status: Single (Service Candidates are exempt from this requirement)
  • Minimum Height: 162.05 Centimeters (5′-4″).

Qualification for Pak Navy Short Service Commission:

Qualification for Logistic Branch:

  • Candidate must have qualified Matric/ O level and HSSC/ A level with atleast 60% marks with any of the following subjects:
  • Physics, Maths, Chemistry
  • Physics, Maths, Statistics
  • Physics, Maths, Computer sciences

Qualification for Engineering Cadets:

  • BE Electrical/Electronics for Operations and Weapon Engineering Branch of Submarine Service.
  • BE Mechanical for Marine Engineering Branch of Submarine Service.
  • BE Avionics for Aviation Branch (As per announcement)

Available Vacancies for PAK Navy SSC B-2024

The following are the listed vacancies at Pak Navy Short Service Commission Jobs official website or Career section

Branches NameCatergories
Mechanical EngineerSurface
Weapon EngineeringSurface
Ordnance MedicalMedical Staff
Navel Law
Navel Law
There are few Vacancies for Pak Navy Short Service Commission

Training Scheme

The Pakistan Naval Academy acts as a cradle for newly recruited cadets, developing them intellectually, physically, morally, professionally, and mentally. Individuals acquire personality attributes that lead to competent Naval Officers that embody the greatest standards of courage, loyalty, honor, and dedication.

The cadets graduate as midshipmen from PNA after a year and a half, and then board ships. Working in various places on board, they get a taste of life at sea while serving in the navy. Sub-Lieutenants are commissioned from midshipmen following a six-month training period at sea.

How to Apply for Pak Navy Short Service Commission 2024?

To apply for listed jobs at Pak Navy Short Service Commission official jobs portal simply follow the procedures listed below. The application process is quite straightforward and quick.

Pak Navy Short Commission Job Application Procedure

  • From May 26 to June 9, 2024, candidates can register by going to the Pakistan Navy website (http://www.joinpaknavy.gov.pk).

In order to register. visit the closest Pakistan Navy Recruitment & Selection Center with the following official photocopies of your diplomas together with an uncrossed postal order for Rs. 200 made out to the Director of Recruitment.

• Mark sheets and certificates for matriculation, FSc, and BE; 
• National Identity Card; 
• Domicile Certificate; 
• Three attested passport-size photos; 
• Registration Form

Ineligibility Criteria For Pak Navy Short Service Commission B-2024

This is an Ineligibility Criteria For Pak Navy Short Service Commission take a look on it.

  • ISSB/GHQ/NHQ/AHQ selecting board rejected.
  • Two times following graduation.
  • Two times prior to and one time following graduation.
  • Twice: once following graduation and once prior to it.

Those who obtain even higher qualifications, such as a Ph.D. or the FRCS/equivalent, are qualified for additional opportunities. This opportunity is only available when FRCS and Ph.D. candidates are needed.

  • The third opportunity of ISSB is not suitable because it is a graduate course for the Operations Branch.
  • ISSB was screened out twice.
  • tested 120 days after the candidate’s previous appearance in the ISSB, or four months, if the candidate is not recommended.
  • tested during the ISSB, GHQ, NHQ, and selection boards’ (for applicants who are recommended) one-year validity period.
  • terminated, ejected, or resigned from government employment.
  • found guilty of a crime involving moral turpitude by a court of law.
  • determined by the Medical Appeal Board to be unfit.
  • considered medically unfit due to hepatitis B and C (no AMB request).
  • judged unfit by any military hospital, unless the Appeal Medical Board has granted an exemption.
  • dismissed from any associated Armed Forces college or institution for disciplinary reasons.
  • dismissed, left, or withdrew from all military academies and training centers.
  • wed to an international individual.
  • presenting fake academic credentials.
  • details concealed on the application form.
  • women in a kindhearted way.
  • Unless they renounce their citizenship prior to commissioning or passing out, or within six months of joining PN, whichever happens first, candidates with multiple nationalities are not allowed to apply.

Selection Procedure:

The Documents required to Apply for Pak Navy Short Service Commission the jobs are listed as :

  • Entrance Test (Intelligence Test)
  • Preliminary Medical
  • Interview


  • Applications must be submitted using the prescribed forms.
  • Uncompleted applications will not be accepted.
  • Applicants claiming earlier seniority must attach certificates from relevant heads of approved institutions attesting to their higher education and experience.
  • A candidate’s seniority or rank may increase in accordance with their credentials and background.

Contact Details

Contact Details For Pak Navy Short Service Commission

Benefits of KPK Healthcare Commission Jobs

The Following benefits that are being listed by the officials for Pak Navy Short Service Commission their selected employees or workers at

  • Free medical attention for one’s parents, family, and self.
  • Following marriage, one is entitled to family housing, help with house rent, and allowances or accommodations for servants.
  • Chances for travel, education, and assignments abroad 50% off for family or individual rail or air travel.
  • Children enrolled in professional institutions such as universities and colleges in Bahria receive financial aid for their studies.
  • An extra 40% of basic salary in addition to an additional ration is paid to SSG(N) employees.

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Pakistan Navy Short Service Commission Jobs B-2024

How to Apply for Pak Navy Short Service Commission Jobs?

From May 26 to June 9, 2024, candidates can register for the Pakistan Navy by visiting a Recruitment & Selection Center, submitting official photocopies, an uncrossed postal order, and necessary documents.

What is the deadline of Pak Navy Short Service Commission Jobs?

The Last Date to Apply for the Pak Navy Short Service Commission Job in Pakistan Jobs will be 09th june 2024.

What are the benefits Pak Navy Short Service Commission Job?

The program offers various benefits including free medical care, family housing, 50% off travel, financial aid for professional education, and additional salary for SSG(N) employees.

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